Donate to defend the RHI!

Thank you all for your past championing of the Richmond Hills Initiative. Because of your prior contributions, we have been able to maintain our support of the City of Richmond’s legal defense of the Richmond Hills Initiative, and to successfully overcome the increasingly weak claims of the opposition.  We fully expect a final positive resolution to this case.

Our opposition, however, is still attempting to find something, anything, to hang their hat on, and we remain in court. And being in court is expensive! And so we are now asking you to continue your financial support of the RHI.

We all would like the case to be over and done with. But the legal process is very slow, and very thorough. Let’s remember that, since 2017, the RHI has kept our beautiful hills free from the threat of development.

Please consider donating again to protect our hillsides. They need you.

To donate via Go Fund Me, click here
Donations made via Go Fund Me are not tax-deductible.

To donate by check:
Make payable to SPRAWLDEF
In memo line, write Richmond Hills Case
Mail to: Norman La Force, 802 Balra Drive, El Cerrito, CA 94530

In addition to your check, please include a separate note stating your Name, Address and Phone Number even if this is already on the check!

We would really appreciate your attention to the above instructions. SPRAWLDEF has  kindly agreed to act as our financial agent, and this is very helpful to them, and also enables them to send you a confirmation letter.

Donations to SPRAWLDEF, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, are tax-deductible.


The Friends Of The Richmond Hills